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Improving Relationships Between Agencies and Carriers

As an independent insurance agency, one of the best things you can do is form an open line of communication between you and your P&C insurance carriers. When you're able to speak to P&C insurers about what their goals are and share your own goals with them, you can forge unique relationships where both of you better understand what the other wants and needs. If your relationships with your carriers are limited to associating only when onboarding a new client or putting through a policy renewal, then you can benefit from the various relationship-building tactics that we're going to discuss below.

The Importance of a CRM for Growing Your Book of Business

CRM, also known as customer relationship management software has become one of the most utilized tools that expanding businesses implement in their day-to-day operations. This software can easily help your company to track its communications with your clients and continue to nurture those valued relationships going into the future.

Why You Should Be Buying Insurance Leads

When it comes to selling P&C insurance, having quality leads can make all the difference in the world. When you thoroughly understand your target market and have time to invest in lead generation tactics, you can grow your business significantly. However, many P&C insurance agencies don't have time to invest in lead generation. This is where buying quality leads comes into play. This should be one of your best insurance marketing tools for growing your client base.

Why You Should be Writing RV Insurance

In the insurance industry, RV insurance tends to get overlooked. RV insurance provides coverage for damage that can occur whether the RV is mobile or being used as a stationary home. Though this type of insurance might be a little complex and might have fewer customers than automobile insurance, it's still worth considering. RV insurance has some unique advantages. P&C Insurers who take the time to work with RV owners can get some very lucrative benefits. Once you start selling P&C insurance for RV owners, you can experience these benefits.

Wildfire Season is Here: Safety Preparedness Tips to Share with Your P&C Insurance Customers

ance “Just how bad will California's summer wildfire season be?,” asked a recent newspaper headline. Thanks to drought conditions, climate change, and a long hot summer, the answer is potentially devastating.

How to Generate P&C Auto Insurance Leads

More p&c leads means volume, and, by the odds, that gives insurance agents a greater chance to connect with clients-to-be. The sticky wicket, though, is acquiring those leads.

Hurricane Season 2022: Preparedness Tips to Share with Your P&C Clients

June 1 signaled the beginning of the 2022 hurricane season, and it extends to late fall. More worrisome, experts say this year is shaping up to be potentially intense. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted above-average activity, making this year's summer-to-fall stretch the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season.

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