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Five Benefits of Optimizing Your Agency with a CRM

While the concept of a CRM isn’t anything new, many businesses are just now discovering the benefits of implementing a unified system to help manage the relationships between their customers and their brand. The benefits of implementing a CRM into your agency are vast. And implementing a CRM custom-tailored for your industry offers up even more functionality than an industry-agnostic CRM, like lead distribution and policy management, and will lead to impressive results and other improvements to your business you may never have thought possible.

Lead Distribution without the Sunk Cost

Lead generation and distribution is an essential component to an Agency's success. Carriers, FMOs, and GAs are on a relentless pursuit for new leads and significant dollars are used to outbid the competition. Congratulations you have outbid the other guy! How are you going to effectively distribute these leads and manage the life of the lead so your well spent dollars do not go down the drain?

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