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While the concept of a CRM isn’t anything new, many businesses are just now discovering the benefits of implementing a unified system to help manage the relationships between their customers and their brand. The benefits of implementing a CRM into your agency are vast. And implementing a CRM custom-tailored for your industry offers up even more functionality than an industry-agnostic CRM, like lead distribution and policy management, and will lead to impressive results and other improvements to your business you may never have thought possible.


Information is a vital component of every sale, and ensuring that your agents have all of the information available to them during the sales process means that you maximize that agent’s ability to close. Having one centralized hub of information for all of your agents to utilize from client lead through policy management takes this concept one step further, meaning that regardless of which agent the customer is routed to, he or she will have full visibility into all of the information available on this lead. Access to information is simply the first layer of the many benefits to utilizing a CRM solution tailored to the insurance industry.

The top five reasons to optimize your insurance agency with a CRM are:

  1. Route “Hot” leads to your top insurance agents: Making sure that your best agents are on top of your hottest leads is vital to maximizing sales. A good CRM allows you to prioritize your leads and agents, ensuring the best agent for the job is given the freshest leads, while colder leads are routed to other members of your team. This allows you to continue the process and nurture these leads further.
  1. Track all points of contact: A CRM allows you to track all points of contact with a customer throughout the customer lifecycle. This means that as a customer is passed from an agent in the office to a field agent nothing is lost in translation. This makes the buying process easier and ensures that your agents are focusing their efforts on the things that are most important for the customer, increasing their likelihood of purchasing.
  1. Company-wide personal assistant: Some CRM’s have features such as automatic distribution of follow-up tasks, a built-in calendar and event reminders. Finding a CRM with these additional features ensures that your agents never miss an appointment or forget to follow up with a lead again.
  1. Improve Compliance: Adherence to industry compliance regulations within the insurance industry is vital to operating your business. With the ever-changing landscape of the insurance industry, it is important that your CRM has measures in place to ensure you are adhering to these regulations as it relates to consent to contact, appointment scoping, and beneficiary interaction tracking.
  1. Track marketing efforts: By integrating your ongoing marketing efforts with the a CRM you will gain access to real-time updates to all of your marketing campaigns, such as SEM, direct mail, inbound response to outbound calls and more. Understanding where leads are coming from and which campaigns are most effective allows you to allocate dollars more effectively moving forward and get the most out of every campaign, maximizing your return on investment.

By implementing a robust CRM into your agency, you can get a full 360° view of all operations within your business. Custom dashboards and live reports are available to get an instant snapshot of how your business is performing, without the need to sift through mounds of data. This information is invaluable when looking for additional ways to boost efficiency within your office. With all of the important data right at your fingertips, you can spend your time focusing on what’s most important: running your agency.

Want to learn more about the benefits of optimizing your insurance agency with a CRM designed with the added value of lead distribution and policy management? Explore the AgentCubed solution and contact us today for more details.

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