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How to Generate Auto Insurance Leads

More leads means volume, and, by the odds, that gives insurance agents a greater chance to connect with clients-to-be. The sticky wicket, though, is acquiring those leads.

Hurricane Season 2022: Preparedness Tips to Share with Your Clients

June 1 signaled the beginning of the 2022 hurricane season, and it extends to late fall. More worrisome, experts say this year is shaping up to be potentially intense. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted above-average activity, making this year's summer-to-fall stretch the seventh consecutive above-average hurricane season.

4 Ways to Increase Insurance Client Retention

While it is satisfying to attract new customers, it can come at a higher cost than what you would have spent on retaining existing customers. With almost 65% of companies' business coming from repeat customers, retention is key to success. P&C insurers looking to maximize results with cost efficiency should consider implementing the following tips.

How to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game

There’s a lot to be said for having a direct line into someone’s inbox, and with some time and consistent effort, it’s a marketing technique that can really pay off. By some estimates this digital marketing strategy earns $40 for every $1 spent – that represents a rather stunning ROI of 4,000 percent.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Insurance Lead Funnel

If you’re familiar with the workflows and processes involved in agile delivery, you’re also no doubt familiar with bottlenecks and the setbacks and delays they can incur. Finding those bottlenecks and unclogging them are critical to operational efficiency and overall business growth for your insurance agency to thrive.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

By definition, commercial auto insurance is an insurance plan that covers company-owned motor vehicles used for conducting business. These policies typically cover damages due to theft or vandalism and help protect businesses against liability for damages and injuries caused by accidents.

How Your Insurance CRM Can Kickstart Your Lead Nurturing Program

A well-designed insurance CRM can help you nurture leads, drive conversions, and help grow your agency at a pace you set In this day and age, insurance client management software — otherwise known as a CRM — is an essential tool for insurance agencies and brokerages. This powerful system single-handedly helps you create, store, process, and analyze the customer interactions that are the very lifeblood of your agency or brokerage.

Explaining and Selling Renter’s Insurance

Did you know that about one-third of households in the U.S. are renters? And though relatively inexpensive, for insurance agents looking to increase their book of business, this niche market represents an opportunity to attract clients who can grow with you as their life and circumstances change. 

P&C Cross-selling Techniques That Get Results

If your goal is to increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty, the right cross-selling strategies will help you knock it out of the park

Selling P&C Insurance Over the Phone

Tips & Techniques to Help You Close the Deal Selling insurance isn’t easy by a long shot — trying to close the deal over the phone can be doubly difficult. 

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