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Running a growing P&C insurance agency can feel like a tightrope walk. You want to expand your client base, but if your insurance agents are spread too thin, they’ll miss out on valuable prospecting opportunities. If your agents are overworked, or prospects are neglected, your whole team’s growth efforts could teeter and collapse. 

If you want to grow, keep your P&C insurance agents marching forward, and craft an unhaulting prospect pipeline, it’s time to take a long, hard look at your agency’s prospecting efforts. In this article, we’ve nailed down the best ways to streamline your prospecting efforts as your P&C insurance agency expands.

Tips for Streamlining Prospecting as Your P&C Insurance Agency Grows

When a P&C insurance agency grows, responsibilities can pile up fast. However, prospecting remains the engine that drives the whole operation. Inefficiencies in that insurance prospecting engine can cause the whole agency to sputter, and they can leave your agents overloaded. 

Wondering how to fortify your insurance prospecting efforts while the agency grows? Here are a few secrets to streamlining prospecting that you can pass on to your agents.

Encourage effective communication to enhance relationships

P&C insurance is a personal business. For the agency to grow effectively, your agents need to connect with clients and build bonds that materialize into long-term policies. 

Wondering what you can do right now to encourage deeper relationships between your agents and their prospects?

  • Set aside time for agents to focus on their current customers. By digging into those current customers’ lives, your agents can spot cross-selling opportunities. When those agents build on their current relationships, they also save time on additional marketing. At the same time, they can become a one-stop shop for all of their clients’ insurance needs.

  • Help your agents deepen relationships by giving them the tools they need to identify and act upon cross-selling opportunities. After all, if they’re doing everything manually, growth can overwhelm an agent fast. Instead, insurance software can automatically organize contacts for your agents, lay out policy options clearly, and help your agents match the perfect ancillary policy or bundling package to the client who needs it most.

Set aside time for insurance prospecting

Why is insurance prospecting so critical to your agency’s success? It’s simple. Your agents need to talk to people in order to close sales. You can lead agents to more efficient insurance prospecting during chaotic times with three proactive moves: 

  • Schedule with a purpose: Remember, if prospecting isn’t in your agent’s schedule, you can assume it isn’t getting done. Make sure your agents are actively scheduling time for prospecting. 

  • Make prospecting meetings a priority: Your agents rely on you to set the agency’s priorities and make expectations clear. That’s why it’s important to encourage agents to designate time to set appointments and prospect. Treat these time blocks just like you would any other meeting, and your agents will start treating prospecting as a high priority.

  • Take advantage of prospecting tools: You don’t have to become a scheduling master on your own. P&C insurance software simplifies scheduling and allows you to clearly map out your agents’ time. Such tools can lift the burden off your shoulders and create more efficient insurance prospecting routines.

Perfect lead automation and distribution

As your agency grows, your agents’ workloads can quickly become hectic. The more you can help your agents stay organized, the more they’ll be able to handle their prospecting workloads without feeling like their heads are underwater. 


One way is to give them insurance software that segments leads. That way, leads are broken down into categories, and agents can deliver automated, yet personal, messages that close more sales. 

Giving your agents the right tools for nurturing leads can also help them close sales, without burning them out. That’s because advanced insurance CRMs will filter leads quickly and let you alert agents to new leads via SMS messages. 

Finally, the right technology will make it easy for you to put leads into the most capable agents’ hands. For instance, AgentCubed lets you deliver leads to an insurance agent based on the agent’s location, licenses, and even skill level. 

The result?

You can hand leads off to agents who are equipped to land sales. Not only will that boost your insurance sales, but it will also help you avoid blindsiding agents with leads they aren’t trained to handle.

Boost efficiency with automation

How can you free your agents up for more prospecting without burning them out? Automation is the answer. By providing insurance tools that automate your agents’ daily tasks, you can carve out more time for them to follow through on insurance prospecting. Here are some tools to take advantage of:

  • Email automation: Prospecting emails can be extremely effective. In fact, one Econsultancy study found that 73 percent of marketers believe email marketing provides a “good” or “excellent” ROI. However, busy agents at growing agencies rarely have time to put together messages one by one. By providing insurance software that includes email automation, you’ll make it easy for your agents to target messages to the right prospects without having those critical tasks eat into their day. 

  • Automated SMS marketing: When your agents have software that supports automated SMS marketing, they’re able to deliver prospecting messages directly to their leads’ handheld devices. In addition to saving time, these texts are delivered in a convenient way. One FinancesOnline report found that 90 percent of clients prefer it when businesses reach out through text instead of calling. Giving agents automated SMS tools can lead to more closed deals without taking away from other daily tasks.

  • Sales templates: Insurance sales and prospecting templates reduce the amount of time your agents spend on creating new pitches and scraping together their thoughts. That lifts pressure off them and frees up their workday.

Master your organizational skills

When a P&C insurance agency grows, leaders need to kick their organizational skills into hyperdrive. This is another area in which an insurance CRM can drastically improve your ability to manage growth. 

If you want to keep your agents productive, on track, and happy at the same time, you need to embrace CRM technology. Use your P&C insurance CRM to track opportunities and cut down the number of tools in your technology stack. 

You can also use your insurance CRM to track revenue and performance. That way, you can see which agents are being overwhelmed, where there’s room to improve, and what process tweaks you need to make to bring in more revenue.


Start Simplifying Your P&C Insurance Prospecting Plan

Want to start streamlining your P&C insurance prospecting processes? Insurance technology can help you manage growth and skyrocket your productivity. However, not all software is created equal.

AgentCubed is specifically designed to help P&C insurance agencies organize leads, simplify distribution, automate tasks, and land more insurance sales. Want to see how AgentCubed can help you reach your insurance sales goals? Schedule your demo today for an inside look at how this innovative insurance software works.


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