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Remote work opportunities are bursting open throughout all industries. And it’s an especially profitable time for at-home property and casualty (P&C) insurance sales...if you embrace the right tips and technology.

Boosting your P&C sales from home may be even easier than you realize. With just a few key tools and best practices, you can transform your at-home insurance business into a P&C selling machine. 

Wondering how?

In this guide, we lay out how to increase your P&C insurance sales from home and pinpoint the tools you need to lift your at-home sales.

Why Sell P&C Insurance from Home?

There are big advantages to selling any type of insurance from your home. And those advantages are amplified in the P&C insurance world. Here are some benefits to selling P&C insurance from home:

  • Potential for higher income
  • More schedule flexibility
  • Lower daily costs
  • Fewer stressful time restrictions and commutes
  • More family time

How to Sell P&C Insurance from Home

Wondering how to increase your P&C insurance sales from your home? Here are a few simple tips that can spark a successful move to remote sales: 

Understand Your Products

As a P&C insurance broker, you already know how critical it is to keep track of multiple carriers and a swath of products. When selling from home, the more you understand those products, the easier it is to educate your clients about the best plans for their needs. Understanding your offerings inside and out leads to several benefits:

  • Your clients have more confidence to buy when you educate them on the benefits.
  • Your clients trust you as an insurance expert. 
  • Your knowledge can shed light on cross-selling opportunities.

If you want to generate more policy sales at home, dive into your products, keep track of all your offerings, and use sorting tools to determine which products give your clients the best value. 

Simplify Processes 

When it comes to selling P&C insurance from home, simplicity is essential. The simpler your processes are, the more you’ll be able to earn. 

Wondering how to simplify your at-home P&C insurance sales? Here are a few tricks:

  • Embrace technology at every turn: In its State of Property & Casualty Insurance 2020 report, McKinsey listed product innovations and reallocation of portfolio priorities as the top influencers shaping the P&C world. You can stay ahead of technology disruptions by embracing the latest tools. That means using insurance software to connect with leads, track contacts, organize workflows, and streak past the competition.
  • Tighten your tool belt: When you’re working from home, it’s best to reduce the number of tools you use on a daily basis and the complicated processes that come with them. The best way to do this is to pick up an end-to-end P&C insurance CRM that lets you manage all of your tasks in one place.
  • Take advantage of automation: Timely responses and meaningful relationships are both critical in the P&C insurance field. That’s why anytime you can automate tasks, you can chisel out more time to boost sales.
Don’t Isolate Yourself

Try to find a mentor with experience in the P&C insurance industry. Bounce ideas off them and stay connected. That way, you’ll be growing your expertise and building support networks that drive a happier workday.

Make Buying Easy on Clients

If you want to land more sales, don’t force people to call or email you; offer online quotes instead. By offering 24/7 online P&C insurance sales through your website, you open up your selling window and make things more convenient for your clients.

What Do You Need to Sell P&C Insurance from Home?

Luckily, you don’t have to take on at-home P&C insurance sales on your own. There are P&C insurance tools that can help you land more sales, generate higher returns, and enjoy a smoother day. Here are a few tools you’ll want to invest in:  

  • A home work space: If you want to stay on the ball while working at home, it’s critical to create a distraction-free work space. Make sure you have a space where you can concentrate without family, pets, or street noise interrupting your sales flow. You may also want to set up a background that isn’t visually distracting for video calls and any video messages you want to record for prospective clients. 
  • A strong online presence: Successful at-home P&C insurance sales hinge on clean online processes and a dominant web presence. That means you’ll need a website and marketing software to monitor visitors. Remember, your website will act as your virtual storefront as more and more people move online. Your clients should be able to stop in anytime and pick up a product. 

Advanced P&C insurance technology: Insurance software can streamline your processes, organize all of your relationships, and drive more leads to your business. At the same time, it removes tasks from your plate—freeing you up to focus on your customers.

How Can P&C Insurance Technology Lighten You Load?

Wondering how the right P&C insurance software lifts the burden off your shoulders? Here are some ways P&C technology can simplify your day-to-day:

More Efficient Lead Automation and Distribution

Sure, successful P&C insurance selling requires ongoing growth, but you and your team don’t have time to constantly look for new leads. Worse yet, you don’t have time to manually sort through leads and match them to the right agent. That’s where technology simplifies the process.

P&C insurance software streamlines your at-home operation by automatically tracking and organizing leads. That helps in two big ways:

  1. You’re able to automate follow-ups and connect with leads quickly. 
  2. You can sort, sift, and route opportunities to the best agent for the job.
Seamless CRM Software Management

As you may already realize, the stronger your relationships are, the more sales you can make in the P&C insurance world. After all, you rely on growing the business, but you also need to maintain policy renewals and jump on upsell opportunities. 

An advanced P&C CRM lifts the burden of managing those valuable relationships off your shoulders. CRM software lets you track contact details, make calls, book appointments, organize notes, update statuses, and store documents in one place. 

It also collects revenue reports and analytics that shine light on your sales performance. All of those features free up agents to focus on closing more sales. 

Simpler Policy Management

If you want to drive higher insurance selling rates, you’ll want to track all of your different business streams, including property and casualty policies as well as any accident, health, or ancillary policies you’re offering. 

With P&C insurance software, you can see the full picture of products that are connected to every contact you have. Essentially, that tells you a complete insurance story for every client. And your CRM will keep that story clear and up to date. 

The result?

This all means you spend less time keeping track of customer information, you can see cross-sell and upsell opportunities right in front of you, and you can spend more time closing sales from your home office.

Learn More Secrets to Boosting Your Insurance Sales

With the right tools, you can move your operation home and catapult your P&C insurance sales. And there are more tips that can help you generate leads, enhance your cross-selling, and boost your selling opportunities. 

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