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You made the leap and are now licensed in both Health and P&C.  Now you can talk about a full range of products with your clients and prospects to generate multiple income streams.

The Complete Guide to Successful Cross-Selling

Before we get to the process here are a couple of things to keep in mind.  First, remember that you already have a list of clients who trust you with health insurance decisions. These types of sales tend to be more difficult to make as they are not mandatory (many states require auto insurance and most lenders require homeowner’s insurance) so your clients have already placed trust in you.  Second, very few people shop for insurance so there are many people out there with the wrong coverages or very expensive coverages just waiting to be helped.  Knowing this should help with any concerns you have about the market.

When you meet with your clients you probably talk about doing annual reviews and staying in touch.  Now that you have the ability to sell in multiple markets, this is the perfect opportunity to reach out and let your clients know about your additional offerings. Consumers are loyal to service providers that care about their issues, so when reaching out make sure you are coming across as helpful and resourceful.

As part of the policy delivery process it is common to ask for referrals. One of the biggest resources for referrals is social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By engaging in groups, connecting with clients and posting relevant content on these social sites, you create an online community that looks to you as a resource and therefore come to you for insurance needs. There is nothing wrong with asking clients to post a review or share their experience to their online community, thus expanding your brand. You can also use your communities to follow industry trends and discover how people are engaging in the industry in general. Following client perceptions allows you to speak to them in a relevant way.

As a multiple lines producer your fact-finding can now change in a number of ways, and you should also use your social community to your advantage. While getting prospects to open up through answering questions, you don’t want to make them answer questions that could be answered by viewing their social media profiles. Instead, do more in depth research and engage your prospects with questions that entice and intrigue.  You now have many more questions that can be asked to get people to open up to you and here is where you can begin to develop a broad and deep relationship with a prospect.

While the commissions are lower for P&C lines, they stay consistent into the future providing a very good, constant base income.  This is mentioned many times by those in the industry, but what they don’t mention is the following; most life insurance agents have experienced the situation where they develop a good relationship with a client and the client sees the need for life insurance but for some reason a sale is never made.  No income is generated after a good amount of time has been invested.  What if, in these situations, you could get the prospect to insure both cars and their home with you? This gets you paid for your time and cements a relationship for future business.

So, how do you start? Send a notice out to all of your clients telling them of your new services and asking them for referrals or testimonials in their social communities.  Follow this up with a request for the expiration dates on their existing policies. This is part of offering a complete line of services to your clients and keeping your files complete.  Now you have told the world that you are a multiline agent and you get to act like one. Two to three months before the ex-date, contact your clients asking to quote on their auto and/or homeowners insurance and begin to take a more complete fact find including P&C concerns.

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White Paper – The Complete Guide to Successful Cross-Selling

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