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If you want your P&C insurance agency to succeed, you need to build a relentless sales machine. To keep this engine pounding, and the agency profitable, it’s critical that your P&C agents hit their sales quotas. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy for your agents to get distracted along the way. And if motivation dwindles, the bridge to your sales goals is sure to buckle and collapse. 

Fortunately, there are ways to motivate your P&C insurance agents, build comradery, and pump out sales consistently as a unit. In this article, we’ve nailed down some tips to inspire your P&C insurance agents to hit their sales quotas.

P&C Insurance Sales Tips for Agents

Wondering how to keep P&C agents on track to hit their sales quotas? There are a few secrets to laying a sales-focused foundation and bringing out the best in insurance agents:

1. Help the team stay organized

With so many responsibilities flying in a P&C insurance agent’s face at any given time, it’s no wonder they often lose motivation or burn out. After all, they’re responsible for prompt service, follow-ups, keeping track of renewals, and updating customers on new policies—along with landing new sales. You can help P&C insurance agents stay organized with a couple of best practices:

  • Craft clear sales processes: To keep agents on track, it’s important to instill sales processes that transform prospects into customers. That means tracking how leads interact with your marketing messages and laying out a step-by-step path that your typical prospect should take in order to become a sale. When your agents can see this whole journey clearly, it will be easier for them to put a plan in motion to usher prospects to their sales destination.

  • Provide stellar resources: By giving them technology that organizes information and lays it out clearly, you’ll be lifting a heavy weight off your P&C insurance agents’ shoulders. For instance, insurance CRMs help your agents track prospects and determine who will benefit most from which messages. That way, agents understand their potential customers better and know exactly what buttons they need to push to land sales.

2. Give P&C insurance agents the tools they need to succeed

Hitting P&C insurance sales quotas hinges on the relationships your agents are able to craft with clients. As you know, P&C insurance clients and prospects need to cover valuable and precious assets. 

Wondering how your agents can provide peace of mind to concerned clients?

First, they need to have tools to gather client data and make sales personal. Every little detail can help form conversations and spotlight that perfect insurance policy. Do your agents know their clients’ marital status, information about their family, or other personal details? These nuggets of information are gold because they help you build trust as well as identify clients’ deepest needs. 

Second, agents need tools to keep those golden pieces of personal information straight. For instance, advanced insurance CRMs will sort through client and prospect data for your agents. End-to-end software will also make it easy to match the right lead to the right agent. Because this technology lets you track agents by location, licensing type, and skill set, it’s easy to route leads to the perfect agent for the sale.

3. Craft a supportive work culture

If you want your P&C insurance agents to stay motivated, sculpting a positive work culture is a must. In fact, a 2018 report by Avast Business found that 67 percent of CEOs believe workers will focus more on business culture and values than pay within the next five years. In the insurance sales world, you can create a winning culture, and more sales, by building a supportive atmosphere. 

And that atmosphere requires trust. You can build trust within your team with a couple of simple strategies:

  • Create teamwide bonds: You don’t have to schedule expensive company retreats to build out your team. Tactics that can build bonds include scheduling small team meetings, working in happy hours or birthday celebrations, and pairing up agents with different skill sets to share their expertise.

  • Emphasize recognition: Encourage your agents to take notes when they see their fellow agents doing excellent work. When agents lift up their teammates, it will build a positive atmosphere and reinforce trust.

4. Fuel more insurance sales with competition

Competition is a natural incentive that’s wired into the human brain. And it can spark remarkable sales returns when it’s set up within an organization. You can light a fire within your insurance agents with some friendly competitions. 


Consider setting up internal competitions and giving rewards to the winners. Here are a few sales competition ideas:

  • Reward individuals with the most meetings booked in a certain time frame.
  • Provide prizes or bonuses to agents who break their own personal bests.
  • Set up lead generation sprints, in which the agent who brings in the most leads wins.
  • Pair up newbie agents with veterans and see which team lands the most sales.

5. Create a habit of positive reinforcement

Another simple way to boost insurance sales is to bake positive reinforcement into your at-work rituals. Positive reinforcement can both motivate insurance agents and give new employees examples to emulate. 

To make positive reinforcement a habit, encourage leaders to regularly identify and praise small achievements publicly. You can take positive reinforcement a step further by encouraging all agents to acknowledge coworkers’ victories. Set aside meetings or office hours to call out those achievements and spread the love. In turn, P&C insurance agents will feel valued, and they’ll want to keep hitting those sales quotas.

6. Make work personal

If you want your agents to enjoy making sales, they need to feel a deeper connection to the work they’re doing on a daily basis. When they see their efforts are valued, they’ll be excited to hit their sales quotas and forge ahead in the face of sales challenges. Simply put, you need to show them their efforts are making a difference.


Consider starting a newsletter that shares positive stories about clients, or tell agents about success stories during meetings. You can also personalize work by sending reminders that show you care, such as birthday emails or personal check-in messages. 

7. Practice team-building

People work better when they’re part of a team. That is especially true when it comes to hitting P&C insurance sales quotas. By building comradery, you’ll give agents more confidence and a support structure. Here are a few tips for building a rock-solid insurance team:

  • Encourage leaders to become mentors.
  • Treat missed opportunities as chances to learn.
  • Make it clear that your door is open and you’re eager to communicate with your staff.

8. Celebrate P&C insurance sales wins

P&C insurance sales are inextricably connected to the agency’s success. Unfortunately, not all agencies communicate just how valuable sales and the agents who are doing the work really are. That’s leading to high turnover, and retention efforts that are wrecking the insurance industry’s balance sheets. In fact, Centric Consulting found that 30 percent of agents quit within three months of being hired, and 83 percent leave within three years. 

Want your insurance agents to stay on board longer?

Celebrate sales victories. The more you’re able to show that sales are a big deal, the more agents will want to knock out their sales goals. Here are a few easy ways to celebrate sales:

  • Give agents public praise for hitting sales quotas.
  • Set up incentive programs and rewards for surpassing sales goals.
  • Don’t just focus on the sale itself. Give rewards and praise for those small wins, such as lead captures or referrals, that lead to sales.


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