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Most P&C insurers know that sales spring out of personal connections. So what if your agents could drop strategic messages directly into the hands of prospects and clients? 

That’s the beauty of using SMS marketing for P&C insurance sales.

More than ever, P&C insurance agents are using SMS marketing to hit prospects with messages and boost their insurance sales. Prior to integrating any SMS marketing into your current strategy you’ll want to research a few common laws and practices that businesses should follow.

Wondering how SMS marketing can increase P&C insurance sales at your agency? We’ve nailed down the best ways to use SMS marketing to drive your P&C insurance sales numbers higher.

Why Should P&C Insurers Use SMS Marketing?

If your agency hasn’t already unlocked the power of SMS marketing, it could be a secret weapon that’s waiting to be unleashed. According to FinancesOnline, 90 percent of customers prefer it when businesses contact them via text rather than calling. And despite already being an extremely popular form of communication, texting is expected to grow even more widespread in the near future. According to an eMarketer study, the user base for SMS and mobile messaging apps is expected to grow by nearly 10 million users by 2022.

Simply put, many people are more comfortable with SMS communication, and it’s tearing open opportunities for P&C agents to skyrocket their insurance sales numbers. Beyond exposing your agency to more clients, there are several lesser-known advantages of SMS marketing in the P&C insurance world.

SMS marketing can bring in customer referrals

Texts aren’t just a preferred way to pull in information. They’re also a convenient way to share content with others. According to a GlobalWebIndex report, 48 percent of internet users pass content on to their peers using texts. That means it’s easy for your current clients to share your messages, and the good word about your agency, with more potential clients through referrals.

SMS marketing can lower your cost per acquisition

SMS marketing helps you squeeze more out of the marketing dollars you spend. According to research by Esendex, the average open rate for SMS messages hovers around 94 percent worldwide. That means the majority of your prospects are reading and considering the messages you want to promote about your agency or policies.


How to Increase Your P&C Insurance Sales with SMS Marketing

Wondering how to use SMS marketing to lift your insurance sales? Here are a few insider tips.

Use SMS marketing to build relationships

SMS is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication across generations. In fact, according to The Guardian, the average individual checks their phone 58 times per day. That means P&C insurance agents have a powerful platform to launch messages, break through, and build deeper relationships. 

By delivering SMS messages directly to clients, agents can craft a two-way conversation that builds more trust. That trust, and the relationships that follow, can inspire more cross-selling opportunities as well as stronger bonds. For instance, you can show clients you care by sending a quick follow-up after a meeting. Here are some examples of messages you can send:

  • “Do you have questions about your benefits?” 
  • “Do you know what your coverage includes?”
  • “Are you satisfied with your current benefits?”

These messages show clients that you want to answer their questions and spark cross-selling opportunities at the same time.

Tap into insurance technology

Using insurance technology to send SMS marketing messages to contacts can simplify life for agents. Basically, some P&C insurance software allows you to control and streamline your SMS marketing messages. Here are a few things you can do with insurance software:

  • Filter contacts: Insurance software will sometimes automatically filter and sort contacts based on the message you want to send. These messages can help you tap into clusters that need added benefits without having to sift through details on your own. 

  • Send SMS messages automatically: You can often send automated texts that match the right message to the right leads. That way, you can cast a wide sales net and bring in more insurance sales, without any extra effort on your end. 

Personalize text content: With insurance software, you can send individual SMS messages that are personalized to your prospects and clients. You can include tokens, such as name or location details, within your messages without having to type those details out one by one.

Give clients information they appreciate

The more you can educate clients, the more trust you’ll build, and the more insurance sales you can land. SMS marketing is a chance to send important updates to your clients. Here are a few types of messages to consider using in your SMS marketing campaigns:

  • Policy updates: Consider sending text that keep clients or prospects in the loop when policies change.

  • New legislation: When legislation shifts, it can cause changes that blindside clients. You can earn more trust with clients by letting them know when and how new laws could impact their policy—and life.

  • Reminders and tips: Your clients usually don't have time to run through their policies with a fine-tooth comb. Consider sending them reminders about expiring policies, updates on claims, and safety tips for emergencies.

Stay in touch

Agents can carve out deeper relationships and inspire more cross-selling opportunities by staying in constant contact via SMS messages. For instance, a simple text message asking, “Are you covered?” can get clients to think about ancillary insurance benefits they may not have considered otherwise. 

At the same time, agents can send SMS messages to remind clients or prospects to fill out online profiles. By sending SMS messages such as, “Need help setting up your profile?” or, “Don’t forget to complete your account information,” you can remind clients to update their personal information. 

The result? Your agency can pull in more accurate personal data and fuel thorough marketing campaigns.

Use SMS marketing to generate leads

P&C insurance agents can also use SMS marketing to haul in information about prospects and leads. For instance, you can learn more about a lead’s interests and needs by shooting out quick customer surveys. 

As you’re crafting these messages, make sure the receiver realizes the survey will be quick, painless, and beneficial to them. An example: “Take a few seconds to fill out this survey, and we’ll find the best policy benefits at the lowest cost to you.”

Another way to generate leads is to use your vCard, or Virtual Contact File, in each SMS. That way, clients will know how to get in touch with you quickly and easily.

Keep relationships fresh

Want to keep your relationships fresh and meaningful? SMS marketing can help P&C insurance agents stay on the minds of their busiest clients and prospects. Here are a few examples of messages you can create to stay top of mind and push more sales forward:

  • “This is a friendly reminder about our meeting.” 
  • “Let’s schedule a meeting.” 
  • “Don’t forget to leave me a review.” 
  • “I have an update about your claim.”

Tips for Crafting SMS Marketing Messages

Of course, just hitting your clients and prospects with any old SMS message won’t budge your sales numbers. However, by following a few best practices, P&C insurance agents can craft the perfect message to keep the receiver engaged and eager to buy. Here are some tips for creating SMS marketing messages.

Obviously, prior to integrating any SMS marketing into your current strategy you’ll want to research a few common laws and practices that businesses should follow.

Keep it conversational 

Nobody wants to feel like they’re being spammed or talking to a robot. That’s why it’s critical to keep your messages conversational. Try to avoid overly complicated language, and don’t be afraid to use contractions or personal pronouns, such as “you.” 

Use personalization

Personalizing messages can catch your recipient’s attention and inspire them to take action. In fact, one Accenture study found that 91 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to shop with companies that give them relevant recommendations and offers. By sending messages that are tailored to your clients, you can land more sales and build relationships that lead to repeat business. 

Target your messages

Insurance CRMs will let you deliver SMS messages based on distinct characteristics of the group you’re targeting. That can present a massive opportunity for you to hit potential clients with the perfect policy for their needs. For instance, you may have a home insurance policy that’s especially alluring for families. In that case, you can craft a message about why families love the policy and send it directly to contacts who fall into the “family” category.


Boost Your P&C Insurance Marketing and Increase Your Sales

Want to start driving your sales numbers higher? Give your agents the tools they need to master insurance marketing and close more sales. AgentCubed is designed to help you manage and distribute leads, build deeper relationships with clients, and free agents up to make more sales. 

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