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Looking for ways to increase your property and casualty insurance profits? You’re searching in the right place. With the right technology, it’s possible to increase sales, simplify selling, and grow your property and casualty insurance agent commissions.

Wondering how?

In this article, we nail down six ways you can use technology to boost your property and casualty insurance agent commissions.

Selling Opportunities Are Wide Open in Property and Casualty Insurance

As an agent, you may already realize how property and casualty insurance can create a stable stream of income. According to The Truth About Insurance, insurance agents can typically earn a 7-20 percent commission on each policy sold. That can set a reliable foundation if you have enough policies that need to be renewed. 

We know that you’re most likely already selling P&C insurance and reaping the rewards of greater commissions on each policy. However, what many agents haven’t yet realized is how much technology can increase their property and casualty commissions. In fact, in an industry that hasn’t fully embraced the power of technology, most agents are letting selling opportunities slip through their fingers. 

Luckily, the future is wide open for property and casualty insurance agents who embrace technology. When they do it right, agents can rely on technology to do the heavy lifting and breeze by the competition on their way toward higher commissions.

How to Use Technology to Boost Agent Commissions

Wondering how to use technology to supercharge your property and casualty insurance agent commissions? Here are a few ways to squeeze more commissions out of every sale:

1. Increase ROI with Insurance Software

In general, insurance software has the power to organize your sales and boost your ROI. In fact, according to PropertyCasualty360, technology solutions can provide an annualized ROI of up to 1,200 percent for third-party administrators and property and casualty providers

Advanced software can take your property and casualty insurance sales even further. That’s because it frees agents up to focus on building out relationships that spark sales. It lets you automate workflows, pull in leads, and manage all of your relationships on a single platform. For instance, here are some parts of your operation you can control with AgentCubed’s software:

  • Field service operations
  • Lead management
  • Customer support
  • Quoting
  • Calendars
  • Call centers
  • Online shopping

Rather than wasting time servicing policies, agents can access a lead-generating machine, track their marketing campaigns, and manage all of their insurance accounts on one platform.

2. Increase Efficiency

One big advantage software gives insurance agents is streamlined efficiency. In fact, some insurance agents have reported a 35 percent increase in their team’s efficiency simply because they picked up the right software. 

How does such software lift the burden off agents’ shoulders?

There are three key ways insurance sales software frees agents up for higher property and casualty sales commissions.

Automate and Distribute Leads with Ease

Insurance software gives you an automated way to follow up with leads right away. That way, they don’t slip through the cracks or lose touch. 

To make your digital marketing and sales communications more timely and efficient, automating your lead distribution and routing is important. 

If you’re leading a team of agents, you can set rules to easily send the right lead to the best agent for the job. You can automatically filter, sort, and match leads with an agent based on location, licensing, skill set, or other critical factors.

Gain Control with CRM Software

CRM software pulls together all of the tools you need to effectively manage your contacts. Need to take notes, update statuses, jot down details, schedule appointments, or make calls? An end-to-end CRM rolls your tasks into a single, organized platform. 

At the same time, an advanced CRM will include reporting and tracking features to help you measure sales. That way, you can see if you’re meeting your sales goals, keep an eye on your revenue, and adjust your strategy to generate more profits.

Unlock Simpler Policy Management

Tracking all of those different business lines for reporting can be a hassle. However, insurance sales software pulls information together and simplifies your data. You can report on property and casualty insurance, accident insurance, and health policies all within the same customer profile at the same time. 

The big advantage?

You have a full insurance story laid out in front of you for every contact, which makes it easier to manage your contacts, deliver the support your customers need, and drive more sales.

3. Become a Cross-Selling Machine

The good news? Property and casualty insurance is intertwined with all kinds of cross-selling opportunities. 

The bad news? It’s not always easy to see those upsell opportunities when you’re managing multiple clients ... without insurance technology.

Technology that includes insurance rating software makes cross-selling insurance easier on property and casualty insurance agents. Because you can manage all of your accounts in one place, those cross-selling opportunities are easier to spot. Plus, advanced insurance software has built-in cross-selling features that let clients review and buy all of the policies they need. That turns into less work and more commissions for you. 

4. Sell 24/7

Simply put, if you’re selling property and casualty insurance during set hours, you’re missing out on commissions. Online insurance shopping technology can burst the selling window wide open. 

Online quote and enroll software lets your clients browse plans at all hours of the day. That means property and casualty insurance agents can boost their commissions without having to put in extra time at the office. 

5. Organize Contacts, Reach More Leads

In the world of insurance sales, the more organized you are, the easier it is to reach more clients. An end-to-end insurance CRM organizes contacts for you. This tool keeps your leads straight, helps you generate more leads, and automates the selling process.

At the same time, a P&C insurance-specific CRM will shine light on new leads so you can expand your reach with little effort. 

The bottom line?

An organized database lifts that responsibility to track down leads off your shoulders. That way, you can carve out extra time to focus on relationships, close more insurance sales, and scoop up higher commissions. 

6. Automate Processes

When it comes to increasing property and casualty insurance commissions, the more time you have to focus on sales, the more money you can make. That’s why automation has become a valuable asset in the P&C insurance world.

With technology, you can automate emails to develop deeper relationships. For instance, you can automate messages to follow up for holidays, birthdays, or other special events. In addition to saving you time, email automation keeps relationships fresh and your services at the top of a contact’s mind. All of that can lead to repeat business and boost your commissions.

Stay Up to Date on the Latest in Insurance Technology

With the right technology, it’s possible to elevate your insurance sales and grow your commissions. And the latest technology is presenting the insurance world with even more opportunities to increase sales. 


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