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If you’re familiar with the workflows and processes involved in agile delivery, you’re also no doubt familiar with bottlenecks and the setbacks and delays they can incur. Finding those bottlenecks and unclogging them are critical to operational efficiency and overall business growth for your insurance agency to thrive.

The reality, however, is insurance agency owners and agents are pulled in a gazillion different directions on any given day – finding new prospects, converting them, and balancing these needs with customer retention. To help avoid bottlenecks and reach your overall sales goals, it’s critical to optimize your insurance lead funnel efficiently.

Here are four ways to help you get started.

Track Every Conversion

Your insurance marketing campaigns have one primary purpose – to drive sales opportunities. If you aren’t effectively tracking sales conversion sources (also known as lead attribution), you have no real visibility into the effectiveness of your campaigns or the quality of your leads. Accurately mapping each touchpoint as they occur between the lead and your agency, helps paint a more complete picture.

Tracking these touchpoints within your agency management system offers you valuable insight into lead source data and lead lifecycle. Managers can track sales back to their origin and point of conversion, and use this information to help guide future marketing and communication strategies. Identifying, recording, and assessing the key attributes that go into successful marketing campaigns will help ensure the quality of your sales pipeline, not just once, but over time.

Manage Insurance Leads Efficiently

Once a prospect comes in through a website form, phone call, email, or other means, the lead needs to be appropriately routed to the right agent. How you handle this will depend upon, among other factors, the marketing source, product type, and geographic area. This information will help direct the lead to the right sales channel to increase chances of enrollment.

Your lead distribution model is directly tied to the success of your sales goals. Best practice is to automate distribution by setting workflows within your insurance CRM or AMS to route leads to the right sales channel at the right time. Automating lead distribution gives you the freedom to set your own business rules based on sales goals or KPIs you’ve already established, then track their progress throughout the sales cycle.

Invest in Insurance-Specific Tools

To create a more seamless and customer-friendly experience, consider investing in technology that is built specifically for the needs of an insurance agency. 

A tool that offers built-in quoting and enrollment, and which also allows you to capture information, as well as each interaction during the sales process. Ultimately, this will help you close more business and stay in tune with the customer’s needs and wants. 

If the beneficiary is ready to enroll, investing in a technology that integrates with multiple carriers is invaluable to improving average sales time. Submitted policies are automatically posted back into the sales management system for real-time tracking of application status and ongoing agency management.

Focus on Post-Sales Retention

Closing the sale is more than just adding a customer to your book of business; it’s the start of a new, and hopefully fruitful, relationship. Increasing your client retention rates means consistent, timely efforts and ongoing communication. Using a solution that offers retention and renewal workflows prevents client communication opportunities from falling off the map. 

When your insurance leads and policies are managed in the same system, retention efforts become a part of everyday sales and communication efforts. As the relationship deepens and more coverage needs arise with clients as they buy new homes, new cars, and increase their assets overall, you want to be their go-to. When these important touchpoints are captured and capitalized on, client retention increases, improving the bottom line for your agency.

Are you ready to see how AgentCubed can help you achieve these and all of your sales goals? Schedule a demo now to find out more about what we can do for your business.

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