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Want to secure higher P&C commissions for your agency? Teaching agents to master cross-selling and bundling is an agency’s secret weapon. Perfecting these tactics doesn’t just drive more P&C insurance sales; it can also cut down your agency’s costs and may save your insurance agents time. 

Looking for the secrets to cross-selling and bundling for higher commissions? In this article, we pin down P&C insurance sales tips that you can pass on to your insurance agents in order to solidify your cross-selling and bring in more commissions.

How Can Cross-Selling and Bundling Boost P&C Commissions?

Insurance agents have packed schedules. They may be wondering, “Why spend the time and effort to increase my cross-selling and bundling?” There are three clear reasons: 

  1. It can bring in more money for the agency.
  2. It can reduce or sometimes eliminate the costs of reaching out to new clients.
  3. It can save P&C insurers time.

By zooming in on existing clients, the agent reduces the time and energy it takes to attract new customers. Instead, they develop relationships that establish long-term growth, lead to customer referrals, and inspire repeat business. All the while, when executed correctly, cross-selling will carve out more time for P&C insurance agents to land new sales.

Ready to perfect your agency’s P&C insurance cross-selling and bundling game? These are the P&C insurance sales tips that will catapult your commissions.

5 Winning P&C Insurance Sales Tips

1. Work in more automation

Technology should make insurance agents’ lives easier. If you’re not giving agents the tools they need to improve their cross-selling and bundling, commissions could be falling through the cracks.

The easiest way to equip your agents in one fell swoop is with end-to-end insurance software. Advanced insurance software will lay out all the tools that agents need to boost their P&C insurance sales in a single platform. Here are a few ways end-to-end insurance technology can free up agents, open up cross-selling opportunities, and increase P&C insurance sales. 

Streamline lead automation and distribution

Keeping track of and managing leads can yank precious time out of an agent's day—time that could otherwise be spent cross-selling and landing more sales. However, it remains a critical part of the business. 

End-to-end insurance software sorts through leads and makes it easy for you to route leads to the perfect agent for the sale—based on location, agent credentials, and licensing.

The result?

Agents spend less time sorting through contacts on their own, and more time selling.

Track policy expiration dates

With insurance software, you can track policy expiration dates across different lines of the business. This simple feature can supercharge an agent’s cross-selling capabilities. For instance, if they have a client who holds a home policy with your agency but doesn’t currently buy auto insurance from you, it’s possible to see when their auto insurance policy is set to expire. With this info, your agent can get ahead of the competition, start putting together bundling packages, and win a bigger chunk of business.

Take advantage of email automation

Email usage has blown up in recent years. Back in 2014, the Radicati Group estimated the total number of email users would grow beyond 2.8 billion globally. And in 2019, the numbers surpassed that prediction with a total of 3.9 billion active users. Insurers can increase sales by connecting with that ocean of email users.

However, if you’re trying to cross-sell manually with email, an agent’s workdays can quickly slip away. Email automation lets your agents target messages to clients who are likely to add coverage and automatically drops those messages into their inboxes. Ultimately, that translates into more cross-selling with less effort from agents.

2. Do more with less

The more efficient agents are, the higher their P&C insurance sales numbers can rise. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, too many insurance agents think they have to juggle lead management, manage relationships, and spot cross-selling opportunities all on their own. 

Luckily, insurance CRMs lift the burden off insurance agents’ shoulders and open the door to cross-selling commissions. With an insurance CRM, contacts and leads are funneled and organized in a way that’s easy to see. Rather than lodging those personal details deep in the agent’s mind, your CRM files them into a tidy format that the agent can use to spot cross-selling opportunities. Plus, in a few clicks, they can send out messages that spark sales.

3. Simplify policy management

Let’s face it: Rummaging through policies, sifting through paperwork, and matching the right P&C plan to the right customer eats into the day of most P&C insurance agents. Those overly complicated policy processes don’t just waste the agent’s time; they also cost the agency more money and pile extra pressure on the agent. 

By giving P&C insurance agents software that’s built specifically for insurance sales, you can simplify policy management and lift sales. For instance, some insurance software will lay out all of your policy information in one clean platform, including:

  • Policy summaries: You can easily see a breakdown of policies, compare them, and match them quickly to your clients’ needs. 

  • Renewal alerts: P&C insurance agents can receive reminders when it’s time for a client to renew their policy. That way, agents can build out long-term plans that bring in ongoing cash. Nurturing these relationships also keeps clients happy, and that can spark more referrals.

  • Client policies: Insurance software clearly lists the policies your clients are currently enrolled in. In addition to safeguarding against mishaps, agents can use this info to spot cross-selling opportunities.

4. Make insurance sales personal

P&C insurance cross-selling hinges on an insurance agent’s ability to forge deep relationships with clients. After all, your agency is handling some of your clients’ dearest and most valuable items. To cross-sell effectively, agents need to build trust and provide peace of mind for clients.


Frequent communication is a must. In addition to using automated emails to keep up with clients, it’s a good idea to tap into other communication boosters, such as SMS marketing. These programs let agents communicate directly with clients and pass on important information, such as renewal dates, new legislation, and added benefits. 

By getting to know clients on a deeper level, agents are rewarded with loyalty. In the long run, clients will hopefully view insurers as a one-stop shop where they can find a policy for any need that pops up in their life.

5. Offer more ancillary insurance options

The more ancillary options your agents have in their toolbox, the easier it is for them to spot an additional policy a client will love. Still, simply offering more ancillary insurance policies won’t magically boost sales. There are a few more P&C insurance sales tips that will help agents turn these offerings into commissions.

Understand policies and educate clients

Clients in the P&C insurance world often face complicated policies that they don’t understand. In fact, a 2020 Policygenius report found almost half of homeowners don’t know how to accurately calculate their home insurance coverage, and only 20 percent of homeowners realized earthquakes aren’t covered under standard policies.

By overcoming these knowledge gaps and educating clients, insurance agents can break through and land more sales. Educating clients also builds trust, which can turn your clients into walking advertisements recommending your services. 

Access cross-sell engines

Once you’ve picked up more ancillary insurance offerings, cross-sell engines can do most of the legwork for agents. For instance, at checkout, some insurance software will identify ancillary plans that fit the client and prompt them to buy policies.


See How Insurance Software Can Boost P&C Insurance Commissions

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  • CRM management
  • Policy management
  • Lead management and distribution

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